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Guess what? “Hooked on Overages Scam” is now the number one search term leading people to this blog! People hear about the program and want to enroll, but there’s that little inkling of doubt that leads them to search for others who might say Hooked on Overages is a scam.

It’s sad that there are so many real estate programs out there that leave people feeling scammed. There are even a few programs available out there now about overages that are scammy – one was even produced by a member of Hooked On Overages, who joined, took our information and then used it to produce a second-rate ebook – with no support, no updated information, in general just a scammy rip-off of the real thing.

But overages is no scam – unless you’re looking at it from the perspective that the government effectively scams people out of their money by seizing it when they don’t collect it in time.

Nope, overages are very real, and so is the profit potential that comes along with it. And sadly for homeowners, there’s more tax sale overage and mortgage foreclosure overage out there now than ever before. Their loss is your opportunity to help them get some of their money back.

If you’re considering getting in the program but have been burned by crappy systems in the past, don’t worry. There’s a money-back guarantee with Hooked On Overages. You’ll have plenty of time to check the program out before committing – and you should know pretty quickly whether this is something that excites you, that will make you feel good to do for business, and that you can see yourself making money with.

Hooked on Overages… definitely not a scam.

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