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How to Get People to Trust You to Collect Overages From Tax Sales

When working as a professional money finder, there is one overriding quality you must have: credibility. This is especially true when working with people to collect overages from tax sale. Tax sale and mortgage foreclosure overages are often for huge sums of money, and if people think you are a scam artist you don’t stand a chance.

In order to ensure you don’t look like a scammer, you’ve got to have several things in place.

1. A website. If a potential claimant goes online and wants to see your professional website, you’d better make sure you have one!

2. Nothing incriminating on Google searches. If you went a little crazy with your Facebook or MySpace page, make sure you clean it up. Those show up in Google searches. Make sure you Google yourself and take care of any suspect looking things that come back.

3. A toll-free number. Having an 800-number makes you look like a real business.

4. A real address. Having a P.O. box is okay, but it’s better if you have a street address.


5. Incorporate or get a business license. Showing you are a “real company” or at least have some state-issued business credentials will help build trust.

6. Join the Better Business Bureau, if possible.

Wondering what tax sale overages are? When more is bid at tax sale than is owed in back taxes, an overage fund is created, which the owner can usually collect. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons they seldom know about the funds, and never come in to collect them. After a while, they lose the money permanently to the government.

Money finders who specialize in tax sale overages collect a finder’s fee for their information and assistance in collecting the funds. They find records of funds, find the rightful owners, connect the two, and enjoy a six-figure income for doing so.

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